(70 ILCS 1220/1) (from Ch. 105, par. 48)
    Sec. 1. Every board of public park commissioners shall have the power to take under its control, and to regulate, control and govern, in the same manner as it may govern other parks or boulevards, under its control, any public park now under the control or jurisdiction of any incorporated city, town or village: Provided, That the park so taken shall lie within the district or territory, the property of which shall be taxable for the maintenance of the parks or boulevards under the control of any such board of park commissioners; And, provided further, That the consent of the authorities of any city, town or village having control of the park so to be taken, and also the consent in writing of the owners of a majority of the frontage of the lots and lands abutting on the park so to be taken, shall be first obtained.
(Source: Laws 1885, p. 224.)