(70 ILCS 1210/3) (from Ch. 24 1/2, par. 80)
    Sec. 3. The superintendent of employment shall, with the consent and approval of said Civil Service Board, classify within ninety days after this Act goes into effect, all offices and places of employment in said park district with reference to the duties thereof for the purpose of establishing grades, and of fixing and maintaining standards of examinations hereinafter provided for. The offices and places so classified shall constitute the classified civil service of such park districts, and no appointments, promotions, transfers, reductions in grade or removal therefrom shall be made except under and according to the provisions of this Act and of the rules hereinafter mentioned. As a part of such classified civil service, all officers and employees under said board, except special examiners, shall be included. The superintendent of employment shall ascertain and record the duties of each office and place in the classified civil service and designate the grade of each position. Each grade shall comprise offices and places having substantially similar duties. He shall also record the lines of promotion from each lower grade to a higher grade wherever the experience derived in the performance of the duties of such lower grade tends to qualify for the performance of duty in such higher grade. The Civil Service Board shall by rule prescribe standards of efficiency for each grade and for examinations of candidates for appointment thereto.
    For the purpose of establishing standards as bases for uniformity of pay and title for all offices and places of employment classified in the same grade, it shall be the duty of the Civil Service Board to prescribe by rule the maximum and minimum rate of pay for each grade and the title thereof for the guidance of the commissioners in determining the actual pay for each office or place of employment and to report to the park commissioners annually and at such other times as they may direct, the name and address of each officer and employee paid more than maximum or less than the minimum rate of pay prescribed for his grade or designated by a title other than that prescribed for his grade by the board. It shall be the duty of the park commissioners, within thirty days after receiving such report, to change the pay or title of any officer or employee so reported out of grade to conform to the standards of title and pay prescribed by the board, for the guidance of the commissioners, for the grade in which the position held by such officer or employee is classified. The board shall standardize employment in each grade and make and keep a record of the relative efficiency of each officer and employee in the classified civil service. The board shall provide by rule methods for ascertaining and verifying the facts from which such records of relative efficiency shall be made, which shall be uniform for each grade in the classified civil service.
    The board shall also classify all positions of employment in respect to employees whose employment is transferred to a park district by virtue of "An Act in relation to an exchange of certain functions, property and personnel among cities, and park districts having coextensive geographic areas and populations in excess of 500,000," enacted by the 70th General Assembly, and such positions of employment shall be included in the classified civil service of the park district.
(Source: Laws 1957, p. 1096.)