(70 ILCS 1210/10) (from Ch. 24 1/2, par. 88)
    Sec. 10. Whenever a position classified under this Act is to be filled, the appointing officer shall make requisition upon said board, and the board shall certify to him the name and address of the candidate standing highest upon the register of eligibles for said position. The appointing officer shall notify the board of each position to be filled separately and shall fill such position by the appointment of the person certified to him by said board therefor, which appointment shall be on probation for a period of not more than six months to be fixed by said rules. At any time during the period of probation, the appointing officer may, with the written approval of the civil service board, discharge a person so certified and shall forthwith notify the board in writing of such discharge. If such person is not thus discharged, his appointment shall be deemed complete.
    When there is no eligible list, the appointing officer may, with the authority of the superintendent of employment, make temporary appointments to remain in force only until regular appointments under the provisions of this Act can be made, and examinations to supply an eligible list therefor shall be held and an eligible list established therefrom within sixty days from the making of such appointments.
    In the employment of an essentially temporary and transitory nature, the appointing officer may, with the authority of said superintendent, make temporary appointments to fill a vacancy, but no such authority shall be granted for a period of more than thirty days, but it may be renewed from time to time by the superintendent. The said superintendent shall include in his annual report, and if thereto required by the park commissioners, in any special report, a statement of all temporary authorities granted or renewed during the year or period specified by the park commissioners, together with a statement of the facts in each case because of which such authority was granted.
    The acceptance or refusal by an eligible person of a temporary appointment shall not affect his standing on the register for permanent employment.
(Source: Laws 1939, p. 440.)