(70 ILCS 915/8) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 5018)
    Sec. 8. Master plan; improvement and management of District; building regulations; zoning. The Commission shall prepare a comprehensive master plan for the orderly development of all property within the District. The Commission shall so improve and manage such District as to provide conditions most favorable for the special care and treatment of the sick and injured and for the study of disease and for any other purpose in Section 4 of this Act. The Commission shall, by ordinance in the manner hereinafter set forth, classify, regulate and restrict the location and construction of all buildings within the District, shall regulate the height and size of such buildings, determine the area of open space within and around such buildings, fix standards of construction, control and regulate additions to or alterations of existing buildings and prohibit the use of buildings and structures incompatible with the character of the District, to the end that adequate light, air, quietness and safety from fire and from the communication of diseases and other dangers may be secured: Provided, that the power herein conferred shall not be so exercised as to deprive any owner of any existing property of its use or maintenance for the purpose to which it is now lawfully devoted nor to limit the expansion, design, location, maintenance, use, or occupancy of real property to be used by any governmental body, agency, or instrumentality in any manner set forth in this Section, provided that the property is devoted to any use or purpose permitted under this Act. Further provided, the power herein conferred shall not be exercised to restrict the use for any State or county purpose of any buildings existing within the District as of May 1, 1995 and either owned, operated, or managed on behalf of the county or by the Department of Central Management Services or for which the Department of Central Management Services shall be otherwise responsible as provided by law.
    The Commission shall request the City Plan Commission of the City of Chicago to recommend appropriate zoning regulations for the District which co-ordinate with the zoning of the surrounding sections of the City of Chicago. If, at the end of 60 days following such request, an ordinance has not been submitted to the Commission, the Commission may prepare a zoning ordinance either with or without the advice of the City Plan Commission. When such zoning ordinance is ready for adoption, the Commission shall cause notice of a public hearing to be posted in at least 4 conspicuous places within the District, at least 10 days before the date of such hearing. It shall also publish notice of such hearing in some newspaper of general circulation in the City of Chicago for 3 consecutive days. The hearing shall be held not earlier than ten days after the date of the last publication. Both types of notice shall contain the time and place of such hearing and the place where copies of the proposed ordinance may be examined. The hearing shall be held at the time and place specified and shall be adjourned from time to time until all interested parties have had an opportunity to be heard. The Commission shall invite the Chicago Plan Commission to attend such hearing and shall ask for suggestions of the Chicago Plan Commission as to the modification of the proposed ordinance. But all ordinances adopted by the Commission shall be subject to all restrictions upon the use and maintenance of property within the District prescribed by the Chicago zoning ordinance. After the adoption of said zoning ordinance or any other proper ordinance of the Commission, it may institute any appropriate action to prevent or abate any unlawful act within the District. Any government body, agency, or instrumentality owning or occupying property within the District may consent to be bound in whole or in part by the provisions of such master plan or development ordinance adopted by the Commission or the City. The Commission may establish an advisory council of 2 representatives of each of the major district members owning or occupying facilities within the District totaling a minimum of 500,000 square feet. Council members shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of their respective governing boards. The council may assist the Commission in the fulfillment of its statutory purposes and responsibilities and the maintenance of the District. At the Commission's request, the council may review and make recommendations to the Commission with respect to the comprehensive master plan to be adopted by the Commission or any plan of development or occupancy of its facilities within the District presented to the Commission by any governmental body, agency, or instrumentality. The Commission may upon a unanimous request of the council provide for shared services and facilities within the District for members of the council. The Commission may provide, contract, and construct facilities and charge and collect fees necessary to supply these shared services and facilities so approved. The Commission may utilize any powers specified within this Act regardless of geographic boundary for or in support of a specific project, activity, or development if that request is made by a unanimous recommendation of all of the members of the member council.
(Source: P.A. 89-356, eff. 8-17-95.)