(70 ILCS 915/6) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 5009)
    Sec. 6. The Commission may sell, convey, transfer, or lease any title or interest in real estate owned by it to any person or persons, to be used, subject to the restrictions of this Act, for the purposes stated in Section 4, or for the purpose of serving persons using the facilities offered within the District or for carrying out of any aspect of the Commission's purpose as set forth in Section 2 of this Act, subject to such restrictions as to the use thereof as the Commission shall determine will carry out the purpose of this Act. To assure that the use of the real property so sold or leased is in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the Commission shall inquire into and satisfy itself concerning the financial ability of the purchaser to complete the project for which said real estate is sold or leased in accordance with a plan to be presented by the purchaser or lessee, which plan shall be submitted, in writing, to the Commission. Such purchaser or lessee shall under such plan undertake (1) to use the land for the purposes designated in the plan so presented; (2) to commence and complete the construction of the buildings or other structures to be included in the project within such periods of time as the Commission fixes as reasonable; and (3) to comply with such other conditions as the Commission shall determine are necessary to carry out the project. Any real property sold by the Commission pursuant to the provisions of this Act shall be sold at its use value, which may be more or less than its acquisition cost, and which use value represents the value at which the Commission determines, after a hearing by the Commission or by such person as the Commission designates to hold such hearing, such real property should be made available for sale or rental in order that it may be developed for the accomplishment of the purposes of this Act. In determining the use value of the real property, the Commission shall take into consideration whether or not said property is to be used by a wholly or partially tax supported body created under the laws of the State of Illinois, by any department of the State government or any political subdivision of the State, by a charitable institution, or by a private person or institution operating for profit; and the Commission shall also consider the contribution that the project will make toward the development of the District and the furtherance of the purposes of this Act in determining such use price, provided, however, that the Commission may convey the fee simple title to land acquired by it, without the payment of any consideration, to the State of Illinois, any political subdivision thereof or to any body politic and corporate or public corporation created under the laws of the State of Illinois for the carrying out of any function of the State. At any hearing for the purpose of the Commission's making the aforesaid determinations, an investigation should be made and such witnesses and documentary evidence examined as will have bearing on the use value of the property to be sold or leased as is herein provided. The Commission shall designate a Commissioner or other person of legal age to conduct the hearing provided for herein, and such Commissioner or other person so designated by the Commission shall give reasonable notice to the interested parties of the time, place and purpose for the holding of such hearing. Such Commissioner or other person designated by the Commission to hold such hearing shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations, and shall cause to be taken the testimony of witnesses and the production of papers, books, records, accounts and documents; and the person so designated to hold such hearing shall certify to the Commission the record of the proceedings held before him in connection with such hearing. Such record of proceedings shall become a part of the records of the Commission. All conveyances and leases authorized in this Section shall be on condition that, in the event of use for other than the purposes prescribed in this Act, or of nonuse for a period of one year, title to such property shall revert to the Commission. All conveyances and leases made by the Commission to any corporation or person for use of serving the residents or any person using the facilities offered within the District shall be on condition that in the event of violation of any of the restrictions as to the use thereof as the Commission shall have determined will carry out the purposes of this Act, that title to such property shall revert to the Commission. However, if the Commission finds that financing necessary for the acquisition or lease of any real estate or for the construction of any building or improvement to be used for purposes prescribed in this Act cannot be obtained if title to the land or building or improvement is subject to such reverter provision, which finding shall be made by the Commission after public hearing held pursuant to a single publication notice given in a secular newspaper of general circulation in the City of Chicago at least 10 days prior to the date of such hearing, such notice to specify the time, place and purpose for such hearing, and upon such finding being made, the Commission may cause such real property to be conveyed free of such reverter provision, provided that at least 5 members of the Commission vote in favor thereof. The Commission may also provide in the conveyances, leases, or other documentation provisions for notice of such violations or default and the cure thereof for the benefit of any lender or mortgagee as the Commission shall determine are appropriate. If, at a regularly scheduled meeting, the Commission resolves that a parcel of real estate leased by it, or in which it has sold the fee simple title or any lesser estate, is not being used for the purposes prescribed in this Act or has been in nonuse for a period of one year, the Commission may file a law suit in the circuit court of the county in which the property is located to enforce the terms of the sale or lease. In the event a reverter of title to any Property is ordered by the court pursuant to the terms of this Act, the interest of the Commission shall be subject to any then existing valid mortgage or trust deed in the nature of a mortgage, but in case the title is acquired through foreclosure of such mortgage or trust deed or by deed in lieu of foreclosure of such mortgage or trust deed, then the title to the property shall not revert, but shall be subject to the restrictions as to use, but not any penalty for nonuse, contained in this Act with respect to any mortgagee in possession or its successor or assigns.
    No conveyance of real property shall be executed by the Commission without the prior written approval of the Governor. Commission property leased or occupied by others for purposes permitted under this Act or Commission property held for redevelopment shall not constitute "property" for the purposes of the State Property Control Act.
(Source: P.A. 89-356, eff. 8-17-95.)