(70 ILCS 815/1) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 6501)
    Sec. 1. When heretofore any forest preserve district has received money from the sale of the bonds of the district where such bonds are defective because issued and sold without a vote of the people of the district for one or more purposes unauthorized without such vote, or one or more purposes authorized without such vote, and one or more purposes unauthorized without such vote, jointly, and the moneys so received, or a part thereof, have been used by the district for a purpose for which bonds were authorized to be issued and sold by the district without such vote, such forest preserve district is hereby empowered to pay to the holder or holders of such bonds the amount of money so received and actually used for the purpose for which such bonds were authorized to be issued and sold without such vote of the people; such payment to be made at such time or times, in such amounts, or partial amounts, and with such rate of interest as the commissioners of the district shall by ordinance determine, provided such payments shall not be made before the bonds are due on the sale of which the money was so received, or at a greater rate of interest than named in said bonds.
    For the purpose of providing for such payments, and until such payments are fully made, the commissioners of any such district shall have power annually to levy a tax, which shall be levied and collected in like manner with the other taxes of the district: Provided, that in forest preserve districts containing a population of two hundred thousand inhabitants, or more, such tax may be levied and extended in addition to the tax for general corporate purposes of three-twentieths (3/20) of one (1) mill on the dollar of the assessed value of the taxable property of the district as ascertained by the last equalized assessment for State and county purposes.
    No such payments shall be made except to the actual holder or holders of such bonds, and upon the production and cancellation of the bonds or coupons on the sale of which the money for which payment is made, was so received by the district.
(Source: Laws 1927, p. 547.)