(70 ILCS 705/11e) (from Ch. 127 1/2, par. 31e)
    Sec. 11e. The board of trustees of any fire protection district is authorized to plan, adopt, implement and maintain an addressing system within the district for the purpose of enabling the district to provide fast delivery of fire fighting and emergency medical care services. Such addressing system may include, but shall not be limited to, mapping to identify property locations, numbering property locations, designation of directional systems for reaching specific locations quickly and installation of property markers at specific locations on property within the district.
    If any part of a fire protection district is or in the future shall become situated wholly or partially within a county or municipality and such municipality or county has or shall in the future create its own numbering system, no such system created by a fire protection district shall be deemed to supersede such county or municipal system for any purpose.
    All costs incurred by a fire protection district under the authority of this Section shall be paid from the general funds of the district. However, the trustees may enter into agreements with other units of local government to share such costs.
(Source: P.A. 81-869.)