(70 ILCS 510/2) (from Ch. 85, par. 6202)
    Sec. 2. The General Assembly hereby determines and declares:
    (a) That due to changes in national and international manufacturing and product markets, unstable international currency markets, and increased competition from certain foreign competitors, several industries employing large numbers of Illinoisans in the northwestern part of the State have been adversely impacted;
    (b) That labor surplus areas currently exist in the northwestern part of the State;
    (c) That the State has an interest in helping to create a favorable climate for new and improved job opportunities for its citizens by encouraging the development of commercial and service businesses and industrial and manufacturing plants within the northwestern part of the State;
    (d) That in order to foster civic and neighborhood pride, citizens require gainful and steady employment, decent and affordable housing, access to educational institutions, recreation, parks and open spaces, entertainment and sports, a reliable transportation network, cultural facilities and theaters;
    (e) That the main purpose of this Act is to promote industrial, commercial, residential, service, transportation and recreational activities and facilities, thereby enhancing the employment opportunities, public health and general welfare of this State.
(Source: P.A. 85-713.)