(70 ILCS 200/190-55)
    Sec. 190-55. Standard civic center provisions incorporated by reference. The following Sections of this Code are incorporated by reference into this Article:
    Section 2-5. Definitions.
    Section 2-10. Lawsuits; common seal.
    Section 2-17. Duties; auditorium and other buildings.
    Section 2-21. Rights and powers.
    Section 2-25. Incurring obligations.
    Section 2-30. Prompt payment.
    Section 2-36. Acquisition of property from person or governmental agency.
    Section 2-40. Federal money.
    Section 2-45. Insurance.
    Section 2-51. Borrowing; revenue bonds; mandamus or other actions to compel performance.
    Section 2-75. Board members; financial matters; conflict of interest.
    Section 2-80. Board members' oath.
    Section 2-83. Removal of Board member from office.
    Section 2-85. Board members; vacancy in office.
    Section 2-90. Organization of the Board.
    Section 2-96. Meetings; action by 4 Board members.
    Section 2-101. Secretary; treasurer; funds deposited in bank or savings and loan association.
    Section 2-106. Funds; compliance with Public Funds Investment Act.
    Section 2-110. Signatures on checks or drafts.
    Section 2-120. Ordinances, rules, and regulations; fines and penalties.
    Section 2-127. Contracts; award to other than highest or lowest bidder by four-fifths vote.
    Section 2-130. Bids and advertisements.
    Section 2-140. State financial support.
    Section 2-145. Anti-trust laws.
    Section 2-150. Tax exemption.
(Source: P.A. 90-328, eff. 1-1-98.)