(70 ILCS 10/2) (from Ch. 15 1/2, par. 252)
    Sec. 2. (a) Governmental units in each of the party states are hereby authorized to combine in the creation of an airport authority for the purpose of jointly supporting and operating an airport terminal and all properties attached thereto. The number of such governmental units are not limited as to character or size except that membership shall be composed of an equal number of members from each party state, designated or appointed by the legislative body of the participating governmental unit: Provided, That the federal government may be represented by a non-voting agent or representative if authorized by federal law.
    (b) The authorized airport authority shall come into being upon the passage of resolutions or ordinances containing identical agreement duly and legally enacted by the legislative bodies of the governmental units to be combined into the airport authority. If passage is by resolution, it may be joint or several, however, the resolution, ordinance or enabling legislation of the combining governmental units shall provide for the number of members, the residence requirements of the members, the length of term of the members and shall authorize the appointment of an additional member to be made by the governor of each party state. If the member appointed by the governor shall be selected from the membership or staff of the Department of Aeronautics or its successor agency or aeronautics commission of his state, there shall be no limitation as to place of residence, and the length of tenure of office shall be at the pleasure of the governor.
    (c) The respective members of the airport authority, except any member representing the federal government, shall each be entitled to one vote. Any action of the membership of the airport authority shall not be official unless taken at a meeting in which a majority of the voting members from each party state are present and unless a majority of those from each state concur: Provided, That any action not binding for such reason may be ratified within thirty days by the concurrence of a majority of the members of each party state. In the absence of any member, his vote may be cast by another representative or member of his state if the representative casting such vote shall have a written proxy in proper form as may be required by the airport authority.
    (d) The airport authority may sue and be sued, and shall adopt an official seal.
    (e) The airport authority shall have the power to appoint and remove or discharge personnel as may be necessary for the performance of the airport's functions irrespective of the civil service, personnel or other merit system laws of either of the party states.
    (f) The airport authority shall elect annually, from its membership, a chairman, a vice-chairman and a treasurer.
    (g) The airport authority may establish and maintain or participate in programs of employee benefits as may be appropriate to afford employees of the airport authority terms and conditions of employment similar to those enjoyed by the employees of each of the party states.
    (h) The airport authority may borrow, accept, or contract for the services of personnel from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, from any interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm or corporation.
    (i) The airport authority may accept for any of its purposes and functions any and all donations and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials and services, conditional or otherwise, from any state, from the United States, from any subdivision or agency thereof, from any interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm or corporation; and may receive, utilize and dispose of the same.
    (j) The airport authority may establish and maintain such facilities as may be necessary for the transaction of its business. The airport authority may acquire, hold and convey real and personal property and any interest therein, and may enter into such contracts for the improvements upon real estate appurtenant to the airport, including farming, extracting minerals, subleasing, subdividing, promoting and developing of such real estate as shall aid and encourage the development and service of the airport. The airport authority may engage contractors to provide airport services, and shall carefully observe all appropriate federal or state regulations in the operation of the air facility.
    (k) The airport authority may adopt official rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, and may amend or rescind the same when necessary.
    (l) The airport authority shall annually make a report to the governor of each party state concerning the activities of the airport authority for the preceding year; and shall embody in such report recommendations as may have been adopted by the airport authority. The copies of such report shall be submitted to the legislature or general assembly of each of the party states at any regular session of such legislative body. The airport authority may issue such additional reports as may be deemed necessary.
    The requirement for reporting to the General Assembly shall be satisfied by filing copies of the report as required by Section 3.1 of the General Assembly Organization Act, and filing such additional copies with the State Government Report Distribution Center for the General Assembly as is required under paragraph (t) of Section 7 of the State Library Act.
(Source: P.A. 100-1148, eff. 12-10-18.)