(70 ILCS 5/16.1) (from Ch. 15 1/2, par. 68.16a)
    Sec. 16.1. Sale or disposition of surplus property, etc. An airport authority shall have the power to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of real property which is no longer needed by, appropriate to, required for the use of, or profitable to the authority, or the continued ownership of which is not in the best interest of the authority. The Board of Commissioners of the authority shall provide therefor by appropriate ordinance or resolution, designating the person authorized to make the sale, transfer, or to otherwise dispose of the property. In every case where such property is to be sold, the Board shall estimate the value thereof. If such estimated value exceeds $1000, the Board shall cause a notice of its intention to sell and inviting offers to purchase such property, which shall be described therein, to be published in a paper of general circulation in the authority, and if the Board shall so elect, it may otherwise and further advertise the sale of such property. At least one publication of such notice shall be made 10 days prior to the consideration of any offer to purchase such property. Any such sale may be on the basis of written sealed bids or by negotiation. The authority may reserve easements, rights in land, and the right of repurchase, or attach other conditions, including those relating to the use of the property in the conveyance, transfer or other instrument of disposition of such property.
    An airport authority shall have the power to sell, assign, transfer or convey any item of personal property in such manner as its Board of Commissioners may specify, with or without advertising the sale, and may authorize any officer or employee of the authority to convert an item of personal property into some other form by using the material in the personal property, and may authorize any officer or employee to convey or turn in any specific article of personal property on any new purchase of a similar article. No article shall be turned in as a part of the purchase price of a similar article, except upon the receipt of competitive bids and in such manner as may be provided for by ordinance, which shall be placed on file for public inspection for at least one week prior to the receipt of such competitive bids. The receipt of competitive bids in any such transaction shall not preclude negotiation by the Board of Commissioners with any bidder with respect to the precise terms of the transaction and the cash sum to be paid by the authority.
    Any deed, grant, conveyance, bill of sale or other instrument, if made by the authority of the Board of Commissioners of an airport authority and which is without fraud or collusion, shall be obligatory upon the airport authority.
(Source: Laws 1957, p. 1028.)