(65 ILCS 90/3) (from Ch. 24, par. 1403)
    Sec. 3. An on-site wastewater disposal zone may be formed for the following purposes:
    (a) to collect, treat, reclaim, or dispose of wastewater;
    (b) to acquire, design, own, construct, install, operate, monitor, regulate, inspect, rehabilitate, modify and maintain existing and new on-site wastewater disposal systems, within the zone in a manner which will promote environmental quality, prevent the pollution, waste, and contamination of water, abate nuisances, and protect public health;
    (c) to conduct investigations, make analyses, and monitor conditions with regard to water quality within the zone;
    (d) to apply for, obtain and utilize federal and State funds for any of the purposes specified in this Act;
    (e) to adopt and enforce reasonable rules and regulations necessary to implement the purposes of the zone. Such rules and regulations may be adopted only after the corporate authorities conduct a public hearing after giving public notice in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipality;
    (f) to contract for the exercise of any of the aforementioned powers even if any such contract shall extend for longer than one year; and
    (g) to impose a tax upon all real property located in the zone for the purpose of retiring bonds issued pursuant to Section 6 of this Act, paying the costs of construction, operation and maintenance of the wastewater disposal system, and to impose a user charge to defray the costs of routine operation and maintenance.
(Source: P.A. 80-1371.)