(65 ILCS 55/17) (from Ch. 24, par. 808.17)
    Sec. 17. Within 30 days after the filing of the report of the amount and date of the first voucher issued on account of work done, as provided in this Act, the clerk of the court in which such judgment is rendered shall certify the assessment roll and judgment, to the officer of such city, village or town, authorized to collect such special assessment; or, if there has been an appeal taken on any part of such judgment, then he shall certify such part of the judgment as is not included in such appeal, and such certification shall be filed by the officer receiving the same in his office. With such assessment roll and judgment the clerk of such court shall also issue a warrant for the collection of such assessment. The court shall have power to recall such warrants as to all or any of the property affected at any time before payment or sale, in case the proceedings be abandoned by the petitioner or the judgment be vacated or modified in a material respect as hereinbefore provided, but not otherwise.
(Source: Laws 1965, p. 3376.)