(60 ILCS 1/205-80)
    Sec. 205-80. Rules and regulations; publication.
    (a) The township board has the supervision and control of the system and may make, enact, and enforce all necessary rules and regulations in connection with the acquisition of the system and its improvement, management, maintenance, operation, care, protection, and use. Rules and regulations shall be established from time to time by ordinance.
    (b) Rates and charges for use and service for all purposes shall be established, revised, maintained, be due and payable, and be in force as the township board determines by ordinance. Rates or charges established by the board are not subject to any statutory regulations covering rates or charges for similar service by privately owned waterworks systems.
    (c) The township board may enact and enforce reasonable rules and regulations requiring, within a specified period of time, the owner of improved real estate to connect into a township system when that improved real estate abuts any street, alley, or other public way or sewer right-of-way in which any line of the system exists. For purposes of this Section, improved real estate includes real estate with buildings and real estate that has been platted for subdivision purposes or for commercial uses.
    (d) An ordinance establishing rules and regulations or rates or charges for use and service shall be published within 30 days after its adoption in a newspaper published and having general circulation in the township. If there is no such newspaper, then the ordinance shall be posted in at least 5 of the most public places in the township. The ordinance shall not become effective until 10 days after publication or posting, as the case may be.
(Source: P.A. 82-783; 88-62.)