(60 ILCS 1/205-30)
    Sec. 205-30. Referendum on issuance of bonds.
    (a) After an ordinance authorizing a project under this Article has been adopted, it shall be published once in an English language newspaper published and having general circulation in the township. If there is no such newspaper, then the ordinance shall be posted in at least 3 of the most public places in the township. The publication or posting of the ordinance shall include a notice of (i) the specific number of voters required to sign a petition requesting that the question of the adoption of the ordinance be submitted to the electors of the township; (ii) the time in which the petition must be filed; and (iii) the date of the prospective referendum. The township clerk shall provide a petition form to any individual requesting one. The ordinance shall become effective 30 days after the date of publication or posting, but if within 30 days after publication or posting of the ordinance a petition is filed with the township clerk signed by at least 10% of the registered voters of the township (as shown by the registered voters list on file in the office of the county clerk) asking that the question of issuing the bonds be submitted to the voters of the township, the ordinance shall not become effective until the question has been certified to the proper election officials, who shall submit the question to the voters, and until the question has been approved by the voters of the township at an election. The election shall be conducted and notice given in accordance with the general election law.
    (b) The notice shall refer to the filing of the petition and set forth the question to be voted upon, which shall be substantially as follows:
        Shall revenue bonds in the amount of $(amount) be
issued by (name of township) for (purpose)?
    The notice shall also state the time and place of the election.
    (c) The vote at the election shall be by separate ballot, and the question shall be in substantially the following form:
        Shall revenue bonds in the amount of $(amount) be
issued by (name of township) for (purpose) as authorized in an ordinance of the township board dated (date of ordinance)?
The votes shall be recorded as "Yes" or "No".
    (d) If a majority of the voters voting on the question at the election vote in favor of it, the ordinance shall be in full force and effect and the township board may proceed with the issuance and sale of the bonds.
(Source: P.A. 87-767; 88-62.)