(55 ILCS 5/6-3004.1) (from Ch. 34, par. 6-3004.1)
    Sec. 6-3004.1. County under 80,000. (a) Any county having a population under 80,000 may, by resolution of its county board, incur an indebtedness for the construction of a county jail and sheriff's residence, and issue and sell its bonds and levy taxes upon all the taxable property of the county sufficient to pay the principal of the bonds at maturity and to pay interest on the bonds as it falls due, upon approval of the issuance of the bonds at a referendum held in accordance with the general election law.
    (b) The total amount of the bonds, together with existing indebtedness, shall not exceed the limitation provided by law for indebtedness of the county.
    (c) Upon adoption of the resolution, the county board shall certify the question of the issuance of the bonds to the appropriate election officials. The question shall be submitted to the electors of the county in substantially the following form: Shall ... County issue bonds in the amount of $ ... to construct a county jail and sheriff's residence? The question is approved if a majority of the electors voting on the question vote in favor of it.
    (d) Taxes levied for the payment of the interest on and the principal of the bonds shall be in addition to the maximum of taxes provided by statute for counties and shall not be subject to the limitation for county taxes provided in Section 5-1014.
(Source: P.A. 86-1028.)