(50 ILCS 445/4) (from Ch. 85, par. 874)
    Sec. 4. An authority is empowered by this Act to:
    (a) Build, rebuild, acquire by gift or purchase, improve or extend an industrial project within and outside of the physical boundaries of the authority. However, the power to build, rebuild, acquire by gift or purchase, improve or extend an industrial project outside the physical boundaries of the authority is limited to an authority other than a county and such power shall not be exercised without the consent of the county in which the industrial project is located or is to be located. The authority may acquire land or rights in land by gift or purchase.
    (b) Issue bonds to finance in whole or part the construction, rebuilding, acquisition, improvement or extension of an industrial project. The authority need not acquire or hold title to such industrial project. In determining the cost of these activities the authority may include the actual or estimated cost of issuing bonds, engineering, fiscal, inspection and legal expenses and estimated interest that will accrue to bondholders during a construction period and for 6 months after a construction period.
    (c) Sell, lease, rent or otherwise dispose of such industrial projects to any enterprise, concern or other entity referred to in subsection (b) of Section 2 of this Act (which may include corporations, partnerships or individuals engaged in business or commerce) or loan the proceeds of its bonds to any such enterprise, concern or entity for the purpose of acquiring, purchasing or constructing industrial projects, on terms that may be fixed and revised from time to time to produce income sufficient to promptly pay interest on bonds issued under authority of this Act, to create and maintain a sinking fund to pay the principal on the bonds when they mature and to provide for operation and maintenance of the industrial projects and an adequate depreciation account for them.
    (d) Mortgage the industrial projects, or grant security interest in such projects, in favor of holders of bonds issued under authority of this Act.
    (e) Issue bonds to refund in whole or part bonds previously issued under authority of this Act.
    (f) Sell and convey such industrial projects, including, without limitation, the sale and conveyance thereof subject to a mortgage or security for such price and at such time as the authority may determine. No sale or conveyance of such industrial projects may be made in such manner as to impair the rights or interest of the holders of any bonds issued for the construction, purchase, improvement or extension of such industrial projects.
    No property acquired by an authority pursuant to this Act is exempt from taxation.
(Source: P.A. 84-946.)