(50 ILCS 310/2) (from Ch. 85, par. 702)
    Sec. 2. Except as otherwise provided in Section 3, the governing body of each governmental unit shall cause an audit of the accounts of the unit to be made by a licensed public accountant. Such audit shall be made annually and shall cover the immediately preceding fiscal year of the governmental unit. The audit shall include all the accounts and funds of the governmental unit, including the accounts of any officer of the governmental unit who receives fees or handles funds of the unit or who spends money of the unit. The audit shall begin as soon as possible after the close of the last fiscal year to which it pertains, and shall be completed and the audit report filed with the Comptroller within 180 days after the close of such fiscal year unless an extension of time is granted by the Comptroller in writing. An audit report which fails to meet the requirements of this Act shall be rejected by the Comptroller and returned to the governing body of the governmental unit for corrective action. The licensed public accountant making the audit shall submit not less than 3 copies of the audit report to the governing body of the governmental unit being audited.
    All audits to be filed with the Comptroller under this Section must be submitted electronically and the Comptroller must post the audit reports on the Internet no later than 45 days after they are received. If the governmental unit provides the Comptroller's Office with sufficient evidence that the audit report cannot be filed electronically, the Comptroller may waive this requirement. The Comptroller must also post a list of governmental units that are not in compliance with the reporting requirements set forth in this Section.
    Any financial report under this Section shall include the name of the purchasing agent who oversees all competitively bid contracts. If there is no purchasing agent, the name of the person responsible for oversight of all competitively bid contracts shall be listed.
(Source: P.A. 99-459, eff. 8-25-15.)