(50 ILCS 25/2) (from Ch. 85, par. 1062)
    Sec. 2. The following terms, wherever used or referred to in this Act, shall have the following respective meanings, unless in any case a different meaning clearly appears from the context.
    (a) "Public Agency" or "public agency of the State" means the various counties, townships, cities, villages and incorporated towns, school districts, sanitary districts, boards of education, park districts, housing authorities, public building commissions, or any other municipal corporation or governmental agencies of the State, now or hereafter created, whether herein specifically enumerated or not.
    (b) "Governing body" shall include a county board, city council, board of trustees, board of managers, board of commissioners, or any other body or board, by whatever name it may be known or designated, charged by law with the governing of a public agency.
    (c) "Combined Occupancy Structure" means any improvement on real property or any interests therein or thereto, including fee interests, leaseholds, easements, space rights or air rights, either containing a public improvement in combination with other compatible desirable and lawful non-public use or uses, or a compatible desirable and lawful non-public use or uses constructed in whole or in part over an existing public improvement, which Combined Occupancy Structure is designed and intended to increase, from both a planning and economic viewpoint, the efficient utilization of available land areas.
    (d) "Developer" means any private individual, partnership, joint venture, trust, corporation or other legal entity or any combination thereof approved by the governing body of a public agency as being qualified and eligible to enter into one or more agreements with a public agency providing for the purchase or lease of air rights and the construction of any combined occupancy structures, or portion thereof, including facilities and appurtenances thereto; which agreements shall be subject to the approval of the governing body of the public agency.
    (e) "Real Property" means lands, waters, rights in lands or waters structures, franchises and interests in land, including air space rights, and any and all other things and rights usually included within the same term, and includes also any and all interests in such property less than full title, such as easements, perpetual, permanent or temporary, rights-of-way, uses, leases, licenses and any and all other incorporeal hereditaments in every estate, interest or right, legal or equitable.
    (f) "Public portion" or "public portion of a combined occupancy structure" means that portion of a combined occupancy structure designed, constructed, and improved for sole and exclusive use and occupancy by a public agency for public use or public purpose, including facilities and appurtenances thereto.
    (g) "Fair Use Value" shall mean the fair cash market value of air rights, sold or leased, over existing or proposed public improvements or developments when employed for use contemplated for the non-public portion of a combined occupancy structure.
(Source: P.A. 76-1161.)