(45 ILCS 141/15)
    Sec. 15. Definitions. In this Act:
    "Commission" means the Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission.
    "Compact" means the Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact.
    "Disposal" means the isolation of waste from the biosphere in a permanent facility designed for that purpose.
    "Facility" means a parcel of land or site, together with the structures, equipment, and improvements on or appurtenant to the land or site, that is used or is being developed for the treatment, storage or disposal of low-level radioactive waste.
    "Low-level radioactive waste" or "waste" means radioactive waste not classified as (1) high-level radioactive waste, (2) transuranic waste, (3) spent nuclear fuel, or (4) by-product material as defined in Section 11e(2) of the Atomic Energy Act. This definition shall apply notwithstanding any declaration by the federal government or any state that any radioactive material is exempt from any regulatory control.
    "Management plan" means the plan adopted by the Commission for the storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste within the region.
    "Person" means any individual, corporation, business enterprise or other legal entity, public or private, and any legal successor, representative, agent or agency of that individual, corporation, business enterprise, or legal entity.
    "Region" means the geographical area of the State of Illinois and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
    "Regional Facility" means any facility as defined in this Act that is (1) located in Illinois, and (2) established by Illinois pursuant to designation of Illinois as a host state by the Commission.
    "Storage" means the temporary holding of radioactive material for treatment or disposal.
    "Treatment" means any method, technique or process, including storage for radioactive decay, designed to change the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of the radioactive material in order to render the radioactive material safe for transport or management, amenable to recovery, convertible to another usable material, or reduced in volume.
(Source: P.A. 87-1166.)