(40 ILCS 5/8-189) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 8-189)
    Sec. 8-189. Contributions by city for prior service annuities and pensions under former acts, and for other purposes.
    The city shall contribute annually, from the sum produced by the tax levy herein authorized, all sums required for the purposes of this Article other than those stated in this Section.
    The balance of the sum produced by the tax levy shall be applied for the following purposes:
    (a) The city shall make contributions to provide prior service and widow's prior service annuities, and other annuities, pensions and benefits which have been or shall be allowed or granted under any of the following Acts or in accord with the following described provisions:
    1. The Municipal pension fund Act as defined in Section 8-123 of this Article with further reference to Section 8-238; Public School Employees' Pension Act of 1903, Sections 8-107 and 8-239; Court and Law Department Employees' Annuity Act, Sections 8-105 and 8-240; Board of Election Commissioners Employees' Annuity Act, Sections 8-106 and 8-240; Public Library Employees' Pension Act, Sections 8-107.1 and 8-240.1; House of Correction Employees' Pension Act, Sections 8-107.2 and 8-240.2.
    2. To meet such part of any minimum annuity as shall be in excess of the age and service annuity and prior service annuity; and such part of any minimum annuity for widows as shall be in excess of the widow's annuities and widow's prior service annuity; also for the purpose of providing the city cost of automatic increases in annuity after retirement in accord with Section 8-137, and for any other purpose for which moneys are not otherwise provided in this Article.
    3. To provide a sufficient balance in the investment and interest reserve to permit a transfer from that reserve to other reserves of the fund;
    4. To credit to the city contribution reserve such amounts required from the city but not contributed by it for age and service and prior service annuities, and widows' annuities and widows' prior service annuities.
    (b) All such contributions shall be credited to the prior service annuity reserve. When the balance of this reserve equals its liabilities (including in addition to all other liabilities, the present values of all annuities, present or prospective, according to the applicable mortality tables and rates of interest), the city shall cease to contribute the sum stated in this section.
    Whenever the balance of the investment and interest reserve is not sufficient to permit a transfer from that reserve to any other reserve, the city shall contribute sums sufficient to make possible such transfer; provided, that if annexation of territory and the employment by the city of any employee of any such territory at the time of annexation, after the city has ceased to contribute as herein provided, results in additional liabilities for prior service annuity and widow's prior service annuity for any such employee, contributions by the city for such purposes shall be resumed.
(Source: P.A. 76-1301.)