(40 ILCS 5/7-199.3)
    Sec. 7-199.3. To establish and administer deferred compensation and tax-deferred annuity programs for units of local government.
    The Board may establish and administer deferred compensation, tax deferred annuity, and similar tax-savings programs for employees of units of local government, which shall be known as the "IMRF-Plus" program. The program shall provide for the Board to review proposed investment offerings and shall require that only investments determined to be acceptable by the Board may be used for investing compensation contributed to the program.
    The program shall include appropriate provisions pertaining to its day to day operation, including methods of electing to contribute income, methods of changing the amount of income contributed, methods of selecting from among investment options available under the program, and any other provisions that the Board may deem appropriate.
    The program shall provide for the preparation of pamphlets describing the program and outlining the options and opportunities available to local government employees under the program. These pamphlets shall be distributed from time to time to all eligible employees.
    The program established under this Section shall not be implemented or amended until the Board is satisfied that compensation contributed under the program is not subject to income tax for the year in which it is earned and that the taxation of such compensation will be deferred until the time of its distribution to the employee.
    The program shall also provide for the recovery of the expenses of its administration by charging those expenses against the earnings from investments, by charging fees equitably prorated among the participating local government employees, or by some other appropriate and equitable method determined by the Board. Different methods for recovery of administrative expenses may be provided in relation to different types of investment programs, and the Board may provide for the allocation of administration expenses among varying types of programs for this purpose.
    The Board shall review and oversee the administration of the program.
    This Section does not limit the power or authority of any unit of local government, school district, or institution supported in whole or in part by public funds to establish and administer any other deferred compensation plans or tax-deferred annuity programs that may be authorized by law.
(Source: P.A. 90-448, eff. 8-16-97.)