(35 ILCS 520/14.1)
    Sec. 14.1. Enforcement by State's Attorney.
    (a) The State's Attorney of a county in which a violation of this Act is believed to have occurred may request authorization from the Attorney General to investigate the violation and enforce any tax or penalty provided in this Act. If the Attorney General approves the request, the State's Attorney shall so notify the Department and be deemed a designated agent of the Department to enforce the provisions of this Act and shall be deemed to possess all of the investigatory and enforcement authorities provided to the Department in this Act. The Director shall cooperate fully with the State's Attorney in any investigation and in all enforcement proceedings.
    (b) The State's Attorney shall notify the Director promptly of any judgment entered against any person under this Act. Thirty percent of any tax or penalty collected in an action or proceeding brought by the State's Attorney under this Act shall be remitted to the collecting county by the Department, in addition to the costs associated with the investigation and enforcement proceeding, for deposit into the county's general revenue fund.
    (c) A lien provided to the Department for the tax imposed under this Act or for a penalty or interest provided in this Act is also a lien in favor of the county in an amount equal to 30% of the judgment obtained by the State's Attorney, plus the costs associated with the investigation and enforcement proceedings.
    (d) Neither the county nor the State's Attorney is required to furnish a bond or make a deposit for or pay costs or fees of a court or court officer in a legal proceeding under this Act.
(Source: P.A. 88-669, eff. 11-29-94; 88-679, eff. 7-1-95.)