(35 ILCS 115/11) (from Ch. 120, par. 439.111)
    Sec. 11. Every supplier required or authorized to collect taxes hereunder and every serviceman making sales of service in this State on or after the effective date hereof shall keep such records, receipts, invoices and other pertinent books, documents, memoranda and papers as the Department shall require, in such form as the Department shall require. The Department may adopt rules that establish requirements, including record forms and formats, for records required to be kept and maintained by taxpayers. For purposes of this Section, "records" means all data maintained by the taxpayer, including data on paper, microfilm, microfiche or any type of machine-sensible data compilation. For the purpose of administering and enforcing the provisions hereof, the Department, or any officer or employee of the Department designated, in writing, by the Director thereof, may hold investigations and hearings not otherwise delegated to the Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal concerning any matters covered herein and may examine any books, papers, records, documents or memoranda of any supplier or serviceman bearing upon the sales of services or the sales of tangible personal property to servicemen, and may require the attendance of such person or any officer or employee of such person, or of any person having knowledge of the facts, and may take testimony and require proof for its information.
(Source: P.A. 97-1129, eff. 8-28-12.)