(30 ILCS 770/15)
    Sec. 15. Grants for employee wellness programs.
    (a) Contingent upon specific appropriation, the Department shall make grants to employers in this State to assist those employers in providing one or more of the following health promotion or wellness services to their employees to reduce the prevalence of health risk factors for their employees:
        (1) Aerobic exercise.
        (2) Alcohol and substance abuse education.
        (3) Blood cholesterol screening.
        (4) Fitness and exercise testing.
        (5) Health risk appraisals.
        (6) Blood pressure screening and education.
        (7) Internal evaluation and monitoring.
        (8) Nutrition education.
        (9) Program planning.
        (10) Safety belt education.
        (11) Smoking cessation.
        (12) Stress management.
        (13) Weight loss.
        (14) Woman's health education.
        (15) Informational campaigns (only with other
        (16) Stress analysis screening.
    (b) Grants shall be made under this Section only to employers that employ fewer than 500 persons in this State. In addition, the Department, in making grants, shall give special consideration to employers and programs that meet one or more of the following criteria:
        (1) The employer is less likely to start programs
offering health promotion or wellness services without financial or technical assistance.
        (2) The employer wants to do or has done program
        (3) The employer has recently begun offering wellness
activities for its employees.
        (4) The employer has employee groups that are at
higher risk for premature death and disability.
        (5) The program addresses 2 or more of the health
risk factors described in Section 5.
        (6) The program is conducted by 2 or more employers
or employee organizations.
    (c) Programs funded under this Act may provide services to employees, dependents of employees, and retired employees.
    (d) The Department shall accept applications for grants under this Act from employers according to procedures established by the Department in rules.
(Source: P.A. 88-312; 89-692, eff. 12-31-96.)