(30 ILCS 757/5)
    Sec. 5. Program; eligibility. Subject to appropriation, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall administer a competitive grant program that will provide 5,000 youths with stipends or wages, or both, and supervision for up to a 10-week summer work period. The grants shall be awarded only to summer programs, of no more than 100 youths, that:
        (1) are created and administered by a
community-based organization, not-for-profit organization, educational institution, or governmental entity in Illinois;
        (2) employ low-income youths in Illinois between the
ages of 14 and 21; and
        (3) involve age-appropriate, ability-appropriate, and
            (A) job training;
            (B) life skills;
            (C) education counseling;
            (D) work readiness skills; or
            (E) supervised meaningful work experience
(Source: P.A. 96-1225, eff. 7-23-10.)