(30 ILCS 720/5) (from Ch. 85, par. 895)
    Sec. 5. Applications for and approval of grants to industrial development agencies. The Department is authorized to make grants to recognized industrial development agencies, to assist such agencies in the financing of their operational costs for the purposes of making studies, surveys and investigations, the compilation of data and statistics and in the carrying out of planning and promotional programs; but before any such grant may be made,
    (A) The industrial development agency shall have made application to the Department for such grant, and shall have therein set forth the studies proposed to be made, the statistics, data and surveys proposed to be completed, and the program proposed to be undertaken for the purpose of encouraging and stimulating industrial development in the county. The application shall further state, under oath or affirmation, with evidence thereof satisfactory to the department, the amount of funds held by or committed or subscribed to the industrial development agency for application to the purposes herein described and the amount of the grant for which application is made; and
    (B) The Department, after review of the application, if satisfied that the program of the industrial development agency appears to be in accord with the purposes of this Act, shall authorize the making of a matching grant to such industrial development agency equal to funds of the agency allocated by it to the program described in its application; but such State grant shall not exceed an amount equal to one-twentieth of one dollar for each inhabitant of the county or counties represented by such agency as determined by the last preceding decennial United States Census.
(Source: P.A. 76-1961.)