(30 ILCS 571/25)
    Sec. 25. Contents of agreement. Pursuant to this Act, any project labor agreement shall:
        (a) Set forth effective, immediate, and mutually
binding procedures for resolving jurisdictional labor disputes and grievances arising before the completion of work.
        (b) Contain guarantees against strikes, lockouts, or
similar actions.
        (c) Ensure a reliable source of skilled and
experienced labor.
        (d) For minorities and women as defined under the
Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act, set forth goals for apprenticeship hours to be performed by minorities and women and set forth goals for total hours to be performed by underrepresented minorities and women.
        (e) Permit the selection of the lowest qualified
responsible bidder, without regard to union or non-union status at other construction sites.
        (f) Bind all contractors and subcontractors on the
public works project through the inclusion of appropriate bid specifications in all relevant bid documents.
        (g) Include such other terms as the parties deem
(Source: P.A. 100-391, eff. 8-25-17.)