(30 ILCS 500/35-20)
    Sec. 35-20. Uniformity in procurement.
    (a) The chief procurement officer for matters other than construction and the higher education chief procurement officer shall each develop, cause to be printed, and distribute uniform documents for the solicitation, review, and acceptance of all professional and artistic services.
    (b) All chief procurement officers, State purchasing officers, and their designees shall use the appropriate uniform procedures and forms specified in this Code for all professional and artistic services.
    (c) These forms shall include in detail, in writing, at least:
        (1) a description of the goal to be achieved;
        (2) the services to be performed;
        (3) the need for the service;
        (4) the qualifications that are necessary; and
        (5) a plan for post-performance review.
(Source: P.A. 95-481, eff. 8-28-07; 96-920, eff. 7-1-10.)