(30 ILCS 435/20)
    Sec. 20. Payment to bond trustee.
    (a) If authorized in the contract between a State agency and a service provider, whenever the service provider is required to replenish the reserve fund established under a covered bond issue, the trustee of the reserve fund shall certify to the affected State agency the amount required to meet the service provider's obligation. The certification must specifically identify:
        (1) the covered bond issue involved;
        (2) the name, address, and source of authority of the
        (3) the name and address of the service provider;
        (4) the contract between the service provider and the
State agency; and
        (5) the amount that the service provider is required
to pay into the reserve fund.
    The certification must also include provisions requiring a refund to the State agency, or to the service provider if so directed by the State agency, of any surplus amount received by the bond trustee from the State agency.
    (b) Beginning with the next contract payment date occurring at least 15 days after a certification that complies with subsection (a) has been received by a State agency, the State agency shall direct the payment of any money that is due and payable to the service provider under the contract for principal and interest, up to the amount specified in the certification, directly to the bond trustee to replenish the reserve fund. The State agency shall authorize payment, and the State Comptroller shall make the payment to the bond trustee, or if necessary to the provider in care of the trustee. Any amount due the service provider in excess of the amount certified shall be payable directly to the service provider. This Act does not require the State to alter its payment schedule.
(Source: P.A. 88-117.)