(30 ILCS 370/1) (from Ch. 29, par. 33a)
    Sec. 1. In addition to the right, power and authority granted by any Act, all municipal corporations, political subdivisions and units of local government of this State (herein called municipalities) are authorized to apply for and accept grants and loans from and contract with the United States Government, the State of Illinois or any department, agency or instrumentality thereof as and when the same is created or empowered to act for the United States or the State of Illinois, for the purpose of aiding in financing the establishment, construction, improvement, extension, purchase or use of any public work project within the scope of or relating to the authorized corporate functions and operations or powers of the particular municipality and to sell or pledge therefor any securities which such municipality is authorized to issue. Such municipalities are authorized to pledge any revenue to be derived from any such public work projects and to issue bonds or special certificates payable solely out of the revenue derived from such projects.
    Such municipalities are further authorized to apply for, accept, expend, recapture and otherwise utilize Urban Development Action Grant funds awarded under the Federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1977 (Public Law 95-128).
    Such municipal corporations, political subdivisions and units of local government are further authorized to adopt supplemental appropriation ordinances making appropriation of any funds expected from any Federal or State grants or loans where such grants or loans are accepted after the adoption of the annual appropriations ordinance for the budget year.
(Source: P.A. 82-212.)