(30 ILCS 355/16) (from Ch. 85, par. 1397i)
    Sec. 16. (a) All Bonds issued in accordance with this Act shall be direct, limited obligations of the State of Illinois payable solely from and secured by an irrevocable, first priority pledge of and lien on moneys on deposit in (i) the Bond Retirement Fund and (ii) any fund or account maintained pursuant to any trust indenture securing any Bonds to the extent so provided in such indenture; provided, however, that Bonds of any series may be secured on a parity basis with, or on a senior or junior basis with respect to, any other series of Bonds as provided in the Bond Sale Order and trust indenture relating to such series. The Bonds are not general obligations of the State of Illinois and are not secured by a pledge of the full faith and credit of the State of Illinois and the holders of Bonds may not require the levy or imposition of any taxes or the application of other State revenues or funds to the payment of Bonds. Each Bond shall describe the limited nature of the State's obligation on the face thereof.
    (b) The Bonds shall be securities appropriate and acceptable for collateral as described in Section 6 of "An Act relating to certain investments of public funds by public agencies", approved July 23, 1943, as amended, or in any similar Act providing for the collateralization of public funds.
(Source: P.A. 84-245.)