(30 ILCS 355/15) (from Ch. 85, par. 1397h)
    Sec. 15. (a) Upon each delivery of Bonds authorized to be issued under this Act, the Comptroller shall compute and certify to the Treasurer the total amount of principal of and interest on Bonds issued that will be payable in order to retire such Bonds and the amount of principal of and interest on such Bonds that will be payable on each payment date according to the tenor of such Bonds during the then current and each succeeding fiscal year.
    (b) On or before the last day of each month the Treasurer and Comptroller shall transfer from the MEAOB Fund to the Bond Retirement Fund an amount sufficient to pay the aggregate of the principal of, interest on, and premium, if any, on Bonds payable, by their terms on the next payment date divided by the number of full calendar months between the date of such Bonds and the first such payment date, and thereafter, divided by the number of months between each succeeding payment date after the first. Such computations and transfers shall be made for each series of Bonds issued and delivered; provided that in any fiscal year such transfers shall not exceed $19,000,000. The transfer of monies herein and above directed is not required if monies in the Bond Retirement Fund are more than the amount otherwise to be transferred as herein above provided, and if the Budget Director notifies the Treasurer and Comptroller of such fact.
    (c) Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a transfer of funds from the MEAOB Fund to the General Revenue Fund in accordance with Section 5 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 86-44.)