(30 ILCS 340/3) (from Ch. 120, par. 408)
    Sec. 3. There shall be prepared under the direction of the officers named in this Act such form of bonds or certificates as they shall deem advisable, which, when issued, shall be signed by the Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer, and shall be recorded by the Comptroller in a book to be kept by him or her for that purpose. The interest and principal of such loan shall be paid by the treasurer out of the General Obligation Bond Retirement and Interest Fund.
    There is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury a sum sufficient for the payment of the interest and principal of any debts contracted under this Act.
    The Governor, Comptroller, and Treasurer are authorized to order pursuant to the proceedings authorizing those debts the transfer of any moneys on deposit in the treasury into the General Obligation Bond Retirement and Interest Fund at times and in amounts they deem necessary to provide for the payment of that interest and principal.
    The Comptroller is hereby authorized and directed to draw his warrant on the State Treasurer for the amount of all such payments.
    The directive authorizing borrowing under Section 1 or 1.1 of this Act shall set forth a pro forma cash flow statement that identifies estimated monthly receipts and expenditures with identification of sources for repaying the borrowed funds.
    All proceeds from any borrowing under this Act received by the State on or after June 10, 2004 and before July 1, 2004 shall be deposited into the Medicaid Provider Relief Fund.
(Source: P.A. 88-669, eff. 11-29-94; 93-674, eff. 6-10-04; 93-1046, eff. 10-15-04.)