(30 ILCS 310/2) (from Ch. 17, par. 6652)
    Sec. 2. Definitions. As used in this Act, the following words or terms shall have the meanings set forth opposite each, unless the context clearly indicates another meaning is intended:
    "Bonds" or "other evidences of indebtedness" mean any instrument providing for the payment of money executed by or on behalf of a public corporation or which the public corporation has assumed or agreed to pay, including, without limitation of the foregoing, bonds, notes, contracts, leases, certificates and tax anticipation warrants.
    "Governing body" means the legislative body, council, board, commission or body, by whatever name it is known, having charge of the corporate affairs of a public corporation.
    "Public corporations" mean any body corporate organized by or pursuant to the laws of this State to carry out a public governmental or proprietary function, including, without limitation of the foregoing, the state, any school district, park district, city, village, incorporated town, county, drainage or any other type of district, commission, authority, university, public community college or any combination thereof, acting through the corporate authorities thereof.
    "Registered form" means bonds or other evidences of indebtedness issued (i) registered as to both principal and interest and which must be presented to the public corporation or its agent registrar for transfer or (ii) in registered form as required by Sections 103 or 103A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or any successor provisions of the tax laws of the United States of America, which form may include bonds or other evidences of indebtedness issued wholly in book entry form.
(Source: P.A. 82-1059.)