(30 ILCS 255/2) (from Ch. 127, par. 176c)
    Sec. 2. Any officer, department or agency of this State who or which shall be designated by the Governor as the State Agency for Surplus Property Utilization is authorized to promulgate regulations for the carrying out of its distribution of surplus funds and commodities. All fees and moneys collected or received by the employees or agents of the State officer or agency who or which is designated as the receiving agency shall be paid or turned over to and held by the State Treasurer as ex officio custodian thereof separate and apart from all public funds or moneys of this State and shall be known as the Federal account of the State Surplus Property Revolving Fund, to be administered by the designated State officer or agency. All disbursements from this fund shall be made only upon warrants of the State Comptroller drawn upon the Treasurer as custodian of this fund upon vouchers signed by the designated State officer or agency, and the Comptroller is hereby authorized to draw such warrants upon vouchers so signed. The Treasurer shall accept all warrants so signed and shall be released from liability for all payments made thereon.
(Source: P.A. 83-9.)