(30 ILCS 205/2.1)
    Sec. 2.1. Sale of debts certified as uncollectible. After accounts have been certified by the Attorney General, or the State agency for accounts of less than $1,000, as uncollectible pursuant to this Act, the Department of Revenue may sell the debts to one or more outside private vendors. Sales shall be conducted under rules adopted by the Department of Revenue using a request for proposals procedure similar to that procedure under the Illinois Procurement Code. The outside private vendors shall remit to the Department of Revenue the purchase price for debts sold under this Section. The Department of Revenue shall deposit the money received under this Section into the General Revenue Fund. The State Comptroller shall provide the Department of Revenue with any information that the Department requests for the purpose of administering this Section. This Section does not apply to any tax debt owing to the Department of Revenue. This Section does not apply to (i) debts, in the case of a public university, when the debt is less than 8 years old; (ii) child support debts enforced by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services pursuant to Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act and Article X of the Illinois Public Aid Code; and (iii) debts that are enforced by the Department of Employment Security and owed to any federal account, including but not limited to the Unemployment Trust Fund, and penalties and interest assessed under the Unemployment Insurance Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-1435, eff. 8-16-10; 97-444, eff. 8-19-11.)