(30 ILCS 105/6b-2) (from Ch. 127, par. 142b2)
    Sec. 6b-2. The Department of Agriculture is authorized to establish and maintain a "Working Cash Account" to receive moneys obtained from the sale of pari-mutuel wagering tickets and to disburse moneys from such account as provided in this Section. The Department shall appoint a custodian who will be responsible for the "Working Cash Account" and who shall be bonded by a $100,000 penal bond made payable to the people of the State of Illinois, and shall establish accounting and reconciliation procedures to assure the safeguarding of these moneys.
    Moneys in the Department of Agriculture's "Working Cash Account" shall be used only for the purposes of providing change for ticket windows, paying winning tickets, establishing the winning ticket reserve and purse fund as required by the "Illinois Racing Board", paying race purses, and paying Federal and State taxes in relation thereto. That portion of the income received not expended for uses as authorized shall within 10 days after receipt be paid into the Agricultural Premium Fund.
    The Governor may request at the recommendation of the custodian of the "Working Cash Account" an amount of money not to exceed $50,000 be transferred from the Agricultural Premium Fund to the "Working Cash Account", to provide change for ticket windows, such transfer to be made within 30 days prior to a racing meet. The custodian shall within 2 working days after the close of a racing meet transfer the money used for change back to the Agricultural Premium Fund. The Department of Agriculture is authorized to pay from the Agricultural Premium Fund the annual license fee, the daily race fee, and other expenses such as track security, stewards, investigators and such other fees as required by the Illinois Racing Board connected with the holding of a racing meet.
    The Auditor General shall audit or cause to be audited the above items of income and expenditures.
(Source: P.A. 84-1308.)