(30 ILCS 105/6a-3) (from Ch. 127, par. 142a3)
    Sec. 6a-3. The Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University may retain in its treasury (a) all moneys received from the sale of all bonds issued under the Southern Illinois University Revenue Bond Act, (b) all fees, rentals and other charges from students, staff members and others using or being served by, or having the right to use or the right to be served by, or to operate any project acquired under the said Act, (c) all tuition, registration, matriculation, health, hospital, medical, laboratory, admission, student activities, student services, and all other fees collected from students matriculated, registered or otherwise enrolled at and attending the University pledged under the terms of any resolution authorizing bonds, or authorizing a supplemental allocation of fees for debt service of bonds theretofore issued, pursuant to the said Act, and (d) all rentals from any facility or building acquired under the said Act and leased to the United States of America.
    The Auditor General shall audit or cause to be audited the above items of income and all other income and expenditures of such institution.
(Source: P.A. 76-1337.)