(30 ILCS 105/5g) (from Ch. 127, par. 141g)
    Sec. 5g. (a) After July 1, 1991, the General Assembly shall direct the transfer from the General Revenue Fund to the Road Fund of the sum of $36,000,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, so that after such transfer the total expenditures for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1990 for the Division of State Troopers from the Road Fund do not exceed the amount appropriated in fiscal year 1990 for the Division of State Troopers. Such transfers shall be completed no later than June 30, 1992.
    (b) If the General Assembly has not completed the transfers required under subsection (a) of this Section on or before June 30, 1992, and if the General Revenue Fund balance is $250 million or greater on June 30, 1992 or June 30th of any year thereafter, on July 1 of the fiscal year immediately following the fiscal year which has a June 30th balance of $250 million or greater, the Comptroller shall order the transfer and the Treasurer shall transfer from the General Revenue Fund to the Road Fund one-twelfth of the amount remaining to be transferred on July 15, 1992, with such transfers continuing on the first of each month thereafter until the total transfers required to be made by this Section have been completed.
(Source: P.A. 86-1159; 87-860.)