(25 ILCS 65/4) (from Ch. 63, par. 42.74)
    Sec. 4. The State Debt Impact Note shall be factual in nature and as brief and concise as possible. For bills which would appropriate from bond funds, the note shall provide a reliable estimate of the impact of the bill on the State's debt service requirements; a description of the estimated useful life and intended use of the project; and maintenance and operating costs associated with the project. For bills which would add new or increase existing bond authorization levels the note shall assess current outstanding, unissued, and retired bond authorization levels and make reasonable projections of the cost associated with the retirement of the additional bonds. The estimated costs shall specify the estimated total principal and interest payments (assuming interest is paid at a fixed rate) if all of the Bonds authorized were issued. The statement or note shall include the total principal on all other then-outstanding Bonds of the State. A brief summary or work sheet of computations used in arriving at State Debt Impact Notes shall be attached.
(Source: P.A. 93-839, eff. 7-30-04.)