(25 ILCS 5/3.1) (from Ch. 63, par. 3.1)
    Sec. 3.1. Whenever any law or resolution requires a report to the General Assembly, that reporting requirement shall be satisfied by filing one copy of the report with each of the following: the Speaker, the Minority Leader and the Clerk of the House of Representatives and the President, the Minority Leader and the Secretary of the Senate and the Legislative Research Unit. In addition, the reporting entity must make a copy of the report available for a reasonable time on its Internet site or on the Internet site of the public entity that hosts the reporting entity's World Wide Web page, if any. Additional copies shall be filed with the State Government Report Distribution Center for the General Assembly as required under paragraph (t) of Section 7 of the State Library Act.
(Source: P.A. 94-565, eff. 1-1-06.)