(20 ILCS 4024/5)
    Sec. 5. Findings. The General Assembly finds as follows:
    (1) That the protection of women and children from sexual assault is critically important.
    (2) That every state in the nation has a sex offender registration law.
    (3) That Illinois, as well as other states in the nation, including Iowa and Missouri, have laws restricting where convicted or registered sex offenders may reside.
    (4) That the residency restrictions are not consistent between states.
    (5) That the disparity in residency restrictions and registration requirements is of concern to communities and law enforcement in Illinois.
    (6) That it would benefit Illinois, its citizens, and its border states, including Iowa and Missouri, for a task force to be created to analyze the impact of the disparity between states regarding registration requirements and residency restrictions on convicted or registered sex offenders, or both.
(Source: P.A. 94-989, eff. 7-3-06.)