(20 ILCS 3990/11) (from Ch. 48, par. 2611)
    Sec. 11. Alliance Partners. The Board may establish the Alliance Partners program. Any manufacturing trade association may join as an Alliance Partner pursuant to the terms of an agreement between such association and the Alliance. Such agreement shall include but shall not be limited to the following:
    (1) the amount of money that such association shall contribute to the Funds;
    (2) the timing of such contributions;
    (3) the amounts of money that the Alliance shall allocate from funds received from the State of Illinois and from sources other than manufacturing trade associations;
    (4) the services that shall be supported by the Funds in behalf of businesses operating within the industry served by such association; and
    (5) the functions and services that shall be performed respectively by such association and by the Alliance.
(Source: P.A. 86-1015.)