(20 ILCS 3988/25)
    Sec. 25. Local Steering Committee. Counties interested in assistance under this Act must form a steering committee consisting of 11 members in the following 3 categories chosen according to the following requirements:
        (1) Three members of the county board appointed by
the county board chairperson with the advice and consent of the county board.
        (2) Three elected municipal officials chosen by the
corporate authorities of those municipalities participating in the county-municipal partnership.
        (3) Five public members who reside within the county
and are appointed by a majority vote of the county board members and elected municipal officials on the Local Steering Committee, with one each representing the following categories:
        (a) Agriculture.
        (b) Environment.
        (c) Historic preservation.
        (d) Construction or development.
        (e) Citizen-at-large.
    When the Committee is first established, one-third of the members of each category shall serve a term of one year; one-third shall serve a term of 2 years; and one-third shall serve a term of 3 years, except for the public members, one of whom will serve for one year, 2 of whom shall serve for 2 years, and 2 of whom will serve for 3 years. All subsequent members shall serve for a term of 3 years. A vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as an original appointment.
    The Chairperson shall be chosen for a term of 2 years from among the members of the Committee by a majority vote of the Committee; all members of the Committee including the Chairperson have a vote.
    The Committee shall adopt its own rules of operation.
(Source: P.A. 93-328, eff. 1-1-04.)