(20 ILCS 3820/35)
    Sec. 35. Secretary; treasurer; funds.
    (a) The Authority shall appoint a secretary and treasurer, who may be a member or members of the Authority, to hold office at the pleasure of the Authority. Before entering upon the duties of the respective offices, the person or persons shall take and subscribe to the constitutional oath of office, and the treasurer shall execute a bond with corporate sureties to be approved by the Authority. The bond shall be payable to the Authority in whatever penal sum may be directed by the Authority, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of the office and the payment of all money received by him or her according to law and the orders of the Authority. The Authority may, at any time, require a new bond from the treasurer in such penal sum as may then be determined by the Authority. The obligation of the sureties shall not extend to any loss sustained by the insolvency, failure, or closing of any savings and loan association or national or state bank wherein the treasurer has deposited funds if the bank or savings and loan association has been approved by the Authority as a depository for these funds. The oaths of office and the treasurer's bond shall be filed in the principal office of the Authority.
    (b) All funds of the Authority, including without limitation (i) grants or loans from the federal government, the State, or any agency or instrumentality of the State or federal government, (ii) fees, service charges, interest, or other investment earnings on its funds, (iii) payments of principal of and interest on loans of its funds, and (iv) revenue from any other source, except funds the application of which is otherwise specifically provided for by appropriation, resolution, grant agreement, lease agreement, loan agreement, indenture, mortgage, trust agreement, or other agreement, may be held by the Authority in its treasury and be generally available for expenditure by the Authority for any of the purposes authorized by this Act.
    (c) In addition to investments authorized by Section 2 of the Public Funds Investment Act, funds of the Authority may be invested in (i) obligations issued by any state, unit of local government, or school district, which obligations are rated at the time of purchase by a national rating service within the 2 highest rating classifications without regard to any rating refinement or gradation by numerical or other modifier, or (ii) equity securities of an investment company registered under the federal Investment Company Act of 1940 whose sole assets, other than cash and other temporary investments, are obligations that are eligible investments for the Authority, provided that not more than 20% of the assets of the investment company may consist of unrated obligations of the type described in clause (i) of this subsection (c) that the board of directors of the investment company has determined to be of comparable quality to rated obligations described in clause (i) of this subsection (c).
    (d) Moneys appropriated by the General Assembly to the Authority shall be held in the State treasury unless the Act making the appropriation specifically states that the moneys are appropriated to the Authority's treasury. Such funds as are authorized to be held in the Authority's treasury, deposited in any bank or savings and loan association, and placed in the name of the Authority shall be withdrawn or paid out only by check or draft upon the bank or savings and loan association, signed by the treasurer and countersigned by the Chairperson of the Authority. The Authority may designate any of its members or any officer or employee of the Authority to affix the signature of the Chairperson and may designate another to affix the signature of the treasurer to any check or draft for payment of salaries or wages and for payment of any other obligations of not more than $2,500. In case any person whose signature appears upon any check or draft, issued pursuant to this Act, ceases to hold his or her office before the delivery of the check or draft to the payee, the signature nevertheless shall be valid and sufficient for all purposes with the same effect as if the person had remained in office until delivery of the check or draft. A bank or savings and loan association may not receive public funds as permitted by this Section unless it has complied with the requirements established pursuant to Section 6 of the Public Funds Investment Act.
(Source: P.A. 92-864, eff. 6-1-03.)