(20 ILCS 3820/20)
    Sec. 20. Executive Director; other employees. The members of the Authority shall appoint an Executive Director to hold office at the pleasure of the members. The Executive Director shall be the chief administrative and operational officer of the Authority, shall direct and supervise its administrative affairs and general management and perform such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the members, and shall receive compensation fixed by the Authority. The Executive Director or any committee of the members may carry out such responsibilities of the members as the members by resolution may delegate. The Executive Director shall attend all meetings of the Authority; however, no action of the Authority shall be invalid on account of the absence of the Executive Director from a meeting. The Authority may engage the services of such other agents and employees, including legal and technical experts and other consultants, as it may deem advisable and may prescribe these persons' duties and fix their compensation.
(Source: P.A. 92-864, eff. 6-1-03.)