(20 ILCS 3805/7.24) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 307.24)
    Sec. 7.24. (a) The Authority may make loans to lending institutions under terms and conditions which, in addition to other provisions as determined by the Authority, shall require the lending institutions to use a portion of the proceeds thereof for the making of residential mortgages, or loans for housing related commercial facilities, as the Authority shall specify, in an aggregate principal amount equal to the amount of such proceeds. When making loans from such proceeds for new residential mortgages under this Section, priority consideration may be given to loans which include energy conservation measures including, but not limited to, solar energy measures. The Authority may establish rules and regulations pursuant to this subsection.
    (b) The Authority shall establish rules and regulations for the making of loans pursuant to this Section governing: the time within which lending institutions must make commitments and disbursements for new residential mortgages, which time for the making of commitments shall be established by the Authority; standards as to the number of dwelling units and other characteristics of residences, the construction, acquisition, improvement or rehabilitation of which is to be financed by new residential mortgages; restrictions as to interest rate and other terms of residential mortgages or the return realized therefrom by the lending institution; the type and amount of collateral security to be provided by lending institutions to assure repayment of loans from the Authority; and any other matters related to such loans or residential mortgages as shall be deemed relevant by the Authority.
    (c) The Authority shall require from each lending institution receiving loans under this Section the submission of evidence satisfactory to the Authority of compliance with the rules and regulations of the Authority and whatever documentation or evidence deemed appropriate by the Authority; in connection therewith, the Authority may inspect the books and records of such lending institution.
(Source: P.A. 83-1251.)