(20 ILCS 3805/7.23) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 307.23)
    Sec. 7.23. (a) The Authority may acquire, and contract and enter into advance commitments to acquire, residential mortgages owned by lending institutions at purchase prices and upon other terms and conditions that are determined by the Authority. When acquiring those mortgages and contracts, the Authority may give priority consideration to contracts that include energy conservation measures, including, but not limited to, solar energy measures. The Authority may also give priority consideration when the mortgagor was a domiciliary of this State while serving on active duty in the military or naval service of the United States at any time during the period from August 1990 through August 1992 and was stationed outside the United States and in the "Desert Storm" theater of operations. The Authority may establish rules and regulations under this subsection, including provisions regarding energy conservation matters.
    (b) The Authority may make and execute contracts with lending institutions for the servicing of residential mortgages acquired by the Authority under this Section and pay the reasonable value of services rendered to the Authority under those contracts.
    (c) The Authority shall establish rules and regulations for the purchase of mortgages under this Section governing: the use that is to be made of amounts received by the lending institutions upon the purchase of mortgages by the Authority, including the proportion of those amounts, if any, that are to be used by the institution for making additional residential mortgages; the time within which lending institutions must make commitments and disbursements for residential mortgages, that time for the making of commitments to be established by the Authority; standards as to the number of dwelling units and other characteristics of residences, the construction, acquisition, improvement, or rehabilitation of which is to be financed by residential mortgages made or to be made by the lending institution; standards and requirements as to the condition of residential mortgages to be acquired by the Authority, the mortgagors under those mortgages, and the representations and warranties of the lending institutions in connection with that condition; and any other matters related to those purchases or the residential mortgages that are deemed relevant by the Authority.
    (d) The Authority shall require from each lending institution from which residential mortgages are purchased under this Section the submission of evidence satisfactory to the Authority of compliance with the rules and regulations of the Authority; in that connection, the Authority may inspect the books and records of the lending institution.
(Source: P.A. 87-595.)