(20 ILCS 3805/7.2) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 307.2)
    Sec. 7.2. The Authority may make mortgage or other loans to non-profit corporations and limited-profit entities for the acquisition, construction or substantial or moderate rehabilitation of such developments as in the judgement of the Authority have promise of supplying, on a rental, cooperative, condominium or home ownership basis, well planned, well designed energy-efficient housing for low or moderate income persons or families at low or moderate rentals in locations where there is a need for such housing. Such loans may be for development costs and construction financing as well as permanent financing, and may provide financing for community facilities to the extent permitted by applicable Authority regulations. The Authority may also make loans to individuals, joint ventures, partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts or corporations, including not-for-profit corporations, for the acquisition, construction, equipment or rehabilitation of housing related commercial facilities. When the Authority makes a loan for housing related commercial facilities, it may require as a condition of the loan that a portion of the borrower's receipts from the use of the facilities be used for the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, operation or maintenance or payment of debt service on a development to which the facilities relate. The Authority may set from time to time the interest rates and other terms and conditions at which it shall make mortgage and other loans and may establish other terms and conditions with respect to the making of such loans, including the charging of fees or penalties for the late payment of principal and interest on its loans.
    When the loan by the Authority is for the purpose of providing housing on a condominium or home ownership basis, sale of the housing units by the nonprofit corporation or limited-profit entity shall be to individual purchasers who are persons or families of low or moderate income and shall be subject to the approval of the Authority. Upon the sale by the nonprofit corporation or limited-profit entity of any housing unit to a low or moderate income person, such housing unit shall be released from the overall development mortgage running from the nonprofit corporation or limited-profit entity to the Authority and, as to such housing unit, the overall development mortgage shall be replaced by an individual mortgage running from the low or moderate income purchaser to the Authority. To secure notes or bonds of the Authority in connection with loans made pursuant to this Section for a development or other facilities, the Authority may require or obtain for the benefit of itself, the holders of the notes or bonds or their trustee, mortgages, pledges, assignments, liens, letters of credit, guarantees or other security interests or devices from any persons or entities, whether or not the owner of the development or facilities, and covering any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, whether or not pertaining to the development or facilities.
    When the Authority issues Affordable Housing Program Trust Fund Bonds or Notes in connection with loans made pursuant to this Section for financing low and very low income residential housing as provided in the Illinois Affordable Housing Act, to secure such bonds and notes, the Authority, in addition to the other devices, security interests, mortgages and rights provided by this Section and other provisions of this Act, may pledge and grant rights in Trust Fund Moneys as provided in Section 9 of the Illinois Affordable Housing Act.
(Source: P.A. 88-93.)